The Friends accept gifts of stock, which can save you capital gains tax and result in a charitable deduction on your tax return. Your Friends membership level will correspond with the value of your gift.

For delivery information for your broker, and more information on how to donate stock, please contact us or call 410-276-3676.

Beneficiary of Will

Naming the Friends of Patterson Park in your Will gives you the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in Patterson Park and possibly provide your family with tax benefits after your death.

People of all ages and walks of life chose to name their favorite charities in their Last Will and Testaments, or as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or investment account.  The Friends suggests you consult with your professional advisors when making such important decisions about your estate plans.  If you chose to include the Friends in your Will, here is the language we suggest using:

“I devise to the Friends of Patterson Park, a nonprofit corporation of the state of Maryland located at 27 S. Patterson Park Avenue, Baltimore, 21231, ___% / the sum of $____ to benefit the Friends of Patterson Park.”

Please let us know if you’ve named us in your Will! The Friends plans to start a Legacy Society in the near future to honor and recognize our planned giving supporters. Please email us or call 410-276-3676 for more information.

Charitable Gift Annuity

The Friends of Patterson Park has an endowment held at the Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF). Working with BCF, your cash or appreciated property donation can be used to create a Charitable Gift Annuity that would provide you income for life in quarterly payments and benefit the Friends of Patterson Park after your life (minimum initial investment is $10,000).  The principal of your Charitable Gift Annuity will be designated to the Friends of Patterson Park endowment.

Employer matching gifts

Your employer may match your gift to the Friends of Patterson Park, so that you can double or even triple the impact of your donation! Be sure to check with your employer’s personnel department to see if they have a matching gift program and to obtain the required form or online form access.

To find out if your employer (or your spouse’s employer) is one of 15,000 companies and subsidiaries that matches gifts, click here to use our search tool. If you do not find your employer here, please contact your employee benefits department for more information about their matching gift program.


For more information, email us or call us 410-276-3676.