A new space to build community & work for Patterson Park

We are excited to announce our first capital project to restore the 1868 Superintendent's house in the northwest corner of Patterson Park, creating a welcoming Visitor's Center and a new community programming venue, and transforming the Friends' headquarters into a functioning multi-use space. The Friends of Patterson Park has been serving the communities surrounding the park since 1998, and as our offerings and work in the park grow, we find our current and future capacity is limited by our aging space.    


Why is this project is needed?

The Friends’ offices are in the former Patterson Park superintendent’s house located in the northwest corner of the park. The house, built in 1868 and owned by Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, has had no major improvements since the 1970s, and is suffering from a history of deferred maintenance. This limits the facility’s ability to support the Friends’ work at a time when the demands on the park continue to grow.

Renovating the existing house will provide healthy office space, storage, meeting room and accessible Visitors’ Center, and the construction of an adjacent Community Space will support our growing need for flexible indoor programming space. A Volunteer Support Center will help us to safely make tools available to our volunteers and will feature a green roof, and a courtyard and garden will serve as additional programming areas.                              

Patterson Park's own "White House". Built in 1868, it was the home of the park's superintendent (and his family) until the 1960's.

Patterson Park's own "White House". Built in 1868, it was the home of the park's superintendent (and his family) until the 1960's.

Project Goals

The Friends of Patterson Park’s effort to restore the park’s historic superintendent’s house and add community programming space will allow us to:

  • Add a Park Visitor’s Center to enhance the experience of park users from surrounding neighborhoods and around the state;

  • Restore a historic house that has suffered from deferred maintenance and ensure its use for future generations;

  • Enhance the community’s year-round access to park resources by adding indoor space to accommodate community programs and events;

  • Replace a closed fence with a welcoming entrance to park visitors coming from north of the park, enhancing safety for visitor and residents;

  • Ensure the organization’s capacity to support increased programming and events that serve a diverse set of stakeholders.

Construction Planning & Community Collaboration

Drawing reflecting addition of storage and programming space to rear of building.

With a team of people encompassing the Friends of Patterson Park Board and staff, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, and our newly established Capital Projects Advisory Committee, we are continuing to plan in a thoughtful and thorough way. In the spring of 2019, we will be presenting the project to community organizations and interested neighbors and other stakeholders surrounding the park to seek input.  

Ground-breaking on the first construction phase of the project is planned for fall of 2019.